Merry Christmas Darling by storyhaus
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Category: Daniel/Vala
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Daniel and Vala and their family at Christmas

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Merry Christmas Darling Daniel/Vala

"Merry Christmas darlings." Vala greeted entering the room.

Eyes never leaving their resting place Daniel smiled.

"Ready for this?" He asked.

"Really Daniel,is it that bad?"

"Yeah,and it'll only get worse over the next few
years." He chuckled.

"Cis mas."

"Hello to you my angel." Vala smiled at her daughter.

"Ro! Seep!"

"I see you inherited your fathers morning disposition." Vala smirked at her son.

"Santa's been here Nicky." Daniel rubbed his back.

"Too erry." The toddler yawned.

"Mama!" Robin grumped.

"Alright you too,it's time for breakfast." Vala said
and picked up their eleven month old daughter from her crib.

"Same for you buddy." Daniel smiled lifting their son
from his bed.

"Dada." Nicky snuggled into him.

A bit misty eyed Daniel followed Vala and Nicky's
twin sister out of the room.

"Ready?" Daniel asked Vala once breakfast was over.

"Let them go darling." Vala nodded holding their
video camera at the ready.

It was like a blizzard of wrapping paper once Daniel
put each child in front of their pile of gifts.

Nothing like it,Daniel mused seeing them tear into
the presents.

Grinning,the parents shared their first Christmas
as a family.
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