Merry Christmas To All by storyhaus
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Jack and Daniel at Christmas

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Merry Christmas To All

A Jack and Daniel slash fic

"Must have been an explosion of Christmas." Daniel teased his lover as he removed his coat.

Eyeing the decorated livingroom,Jack wondered if
he had gone overboard then decided no one
could have too much Christmas.

"Ready to decorate the tree?" Jack asked.

"Right. Did you leave anything to put on it?"

"Yes!" Jack growled and handed him the lights.

"Couldn't untangle these before I got home?"
Daniel complained seeing them.

"Had to give you something to do." Jack snarked.

"Really,you're all heart." Daniel retorted and set
to work.

"I'm gonna get to know you better...this Christmas..."
Jack sung along to the radio.

"Seems like you know me pretty well by now." Daniel

"To all the men I've loved before..." Jack joked.

"Maybe you'd better rephrase that." Daniel eyed him.

" one and only?" Jack asked.

Shaking his head Daniel resumed his task.

Taking a moment,Jack looked at Daniel and smiled.

One year ago we finally admitted we loved each other,
a year of ups and downs,laughter and heartache.
I wouldn't trade it.

"Alright,let's put these on the tree." Daniel held up the detangled lights.

Leaning over,Jack kissed his lover,"Merry Christmas Danny."

Laughing,the men decorated their tree and traded
kisses,more in love than the previous year.
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