5 times Daniel was caught under the mistletoe by storyhaus
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Genres: Friendship, Holiday, Humor
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: Like the title says. *bg*

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Story Notes:
Mod note: Daniel kisses both female and male characters, but there is no stated relationships.
5 times Daniel was caught under the mistletoe

"Daniel Jackson."

"Hey Teal'c."

Before Daniel could ask what Teal'c needed he was hugged and kissed on the lips.

"Um..." Daniel blinked brushing his long hair from his face.

"It is customary when one stands under the mistletoe,is it not?" Teal'c frowned.

"Well...yes...but it usually applies to men and women kissing."

"I see." Teal'c twitched.


"Indeed." Teal'c growled and stalked off.

Daniel shook his head and turned then reached up and pulled the mistletoe down,
he would save it for his first Christmas with Sha're in his arms.


Daniel absently entered his office,his thoughts on Sha're and how she
would have viewed Christmas...if she had lived to see it.

He looked over at the touch on his arm and smiled at Sam,
with a frown he followed her pointed finger and saw the mistletoe,
he blushed a little when she gave him a gentle peck on the lips and
said she was there if he needed anything.

After Sam left Daniel pulled the mistletoe down and buried it in the trash.


Daniel was looking at all the ornaments on Jack's tree.

This was one of the memories he hadn't recovered yet.

Jack,Sam,Teal'c and Janet had all assured him that they gathered every Christmas at Jack's.

"I remember when you gave that to the Colonel." Janet smiled and touched
the ornament of Santa fishing.

"It's funny how I remember Jack likes to fish but I don't remember this." Daniel motioned
around them.

"Just let it come." Janet advised and gently pulled him toward the kitchen when
Jack and Cassie called them to come and eat.

Daniel looked at her questioningly when she stopped at the top of the stairs and turned to him.

Janet gently cupped his cheeks and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Merry Christmas Daniel and welcome home." Janet smiled.

"Dr. Fraiser?" Daniel blinked.

Janet chuckled and pointed up then headed to the kitchen and the buffet.

Daniel touched the holiday plant thoughtfully then went to join his friends.


Daniel peered around the corner,seeing the coast was clear he hurried to the
elevator and pressed the button looking around nervously.

The elevators doors opened and he thought he was soon to be home free
until he turned around and his eyes grew wide.

Vala pulled him into the elevator and kissed him as she'd bet he'd never been kissed before.

She lifted her hand and waved to the security camera.

The men in the security office grinned and high fived each other.

It had been easy for them to track Dr. Jackson then relay his position
to Vala to pounce with her mistletoe headband.


Daniel pushed the door to the mess hall open and espied his team and
headed over after dropping his secret Santa gift at the tree.

"There he is! Hey Jackson!"

Daniel rolled his eyes,Mitchell obviously had been in the good eggnog already.

"Hey guys." Daniel nodded his thanks to Sam for the glass of punch.

With a serruptitious sniff he took a sip and was glad to find it wasn't spiked like the eggnog.

"Got somethin' for ya." Mitchell slurred and held up the mistletoe then
proceeded to give Daniel a kiss on the mouth.

When Daniel managed to regain his wits he saw the others amused.

"He did it to all of us...even Teal'c." Sam smiled.

"Indeed." Teal'c eyed the drunken man with a promise of retribution.

"General O'Neill told me to kiss ya all." Mitchell grinned happily.

Daniel suddenly had the feeling he was being watched so he turned and saw
the back of a very familiar head of silver hair exit the swinging doors.

"Jack!" Daniel growled and took off after his soon to be dead best friend.
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