5 Things Daniel hates/loves about Vala by storyhaus
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Genres: Challenge
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: Just a five things list

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Story Notes:
This is not part of the holiday series even if it's coming up that way.
5 Things Daniel Hates About Vala

1.Her sexual innuendos. They got old after a while and it was a major reason he often snapped at her.

2.That she played with his artifacts ala Jack and it drives him just as crazy.

3.That when he receives his credit card statements he finds charges he didn't make. Would it kill her to ask once in a while?

4.Her tears. It kills him when she cries and he feels like a heel when he's the cause of them.

5.Her total belief in him. It scares him he'll disappoint her.

5 Things Daniel Loves About Vala

1.Her laugh.

2.Her resilience. It still amazes him how she survived being a host with some sense of normalcy.

3.Her loyalty. Not only to him but the team.

4.In hindsight,her impromtu actions that helped destroy the supergate.
He refused to believe she wasn't in the Ori galaxy giving them hell.

5.That black dress she wore at Mitchell's High School Reunion.
He's been working on another not-date so she'd have to wear it.
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