5 Things Daniel Hates/Loves About Halloween by storyhaus
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Category: General
Genres: Holiday
Rated: All Ages
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Summary: A five things list for Halloween

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5 Things Daniel Hates About Halloween

1.Having his trees toilet papered. The first year he had his house he was off-world for Halloween and came home four days later to a mess.

The following year he had Nyan pass out candy.

2.Jack's hockey mask. Year after year the man would lie in wait for Daniel then jump out and yell 'Trick or Treat'! scaring Daniel half to death every time.

3.The year Jack made Daniel and Teal'c dress in drag saying he'd be dressed up too. Conveniently forgetting to mention he wouldn't be in drag.

Daniel was still trying to think up a suitable revenge years later.

4.Vala pestering him to let her pass out candy only having to buy more half an hour into it because somebody ate it all.

5.The mess hall meal. Bloody bacon and eggs? Ghost goulash? On Halloweeen Daniel brought his meals.

5 Things Daniel Loves About Halloween

1.All that candy!

2.The Disney Channel. He would never tell anyone about his love of Debbie Reynolds,thanks to his fourth foster mother who loved her.

He was so delighted to learn she'd made four Halloween movies for them that he watched them all.

3.The little kids in costumes. Some were just adorable and stirred a pang in him over Shifu not being a normal boy.

4.The cupcake's Walter's wife made for everyone.

The man always made sure Daniel got one,even when he was off-world for Halloween,he would come back to find one in his snack drawer always putting a smile on his face.

5.Jack's phone calls. Just to wish Daniel a Happy Halloween with a macabre laugh.
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