A General Thought by amber
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Category: General
Genres: Challenge
Rated: All Ages
Warnings: None
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Summary: George ponders the engima that is Jack. A Christmas Challenge story.

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Story Notes:
Christmas Eve and General Hammond is contemplating going home. He has one more task to perform though.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Challenge Ficlet for Stargate Drabble List.
Challenge: Team Building - To use the letters of the word Christmas to describe a member of their team as part of a team building exercise.
General Hammond was exhausted. Tonight, he felt every single one of
his years, and pushing his hand into his aching back, wondered if it
were time to hang up the saddle.

It was late, and the night shift staff went about their business
quietly and without fuss.

Nodding at an airman on his way home, smile plastered all over his
young face, George wished him a Marry Christmas, and smiled gently
at the hurried reply he got back. The young man had a mission, get
home and wake up Christmas morning with his family.

"Thank you, sir. Yes, I sure will! Night, General." With that the
young airman jabbed at the lift, eager to have it arrive and take
him away.

"Ah!" George murmured, "Those days? "Where did they go?"

Christmas Eve and he should have been home himself, wrapping gifts
for the girls and getting ready for his own family holiday, but he
had one more thing to do. He needed to check up on an old friend. A
friend who'd never admit that he found the holidays hard. Lowering
himself into his chair with a soft groan, wincing at the pinch of a
corn on his toe, George thought about Jack O'Neill and picking up a
pen, found himself scribbling a note.

C- Charitable, clever, canny

H- Heroic, hasty, half-assed

R- Risk taking, Relentless, remorseful

I-Irascible, irritable, introspective

S- Sad, somber, silly, silent, surprising.

T- Tumultuous, tear-away-tornado, tenacious, truly trustworthy

M- Mindful, masterful, morose

A-Aware, absolute, astounding,

S-Soldier, saint and sinner.

Looking at his doodles and snorting with surprise at his fanciful
ideas, George was shaken from his thoughts by a gentle rap on his
door. Glancing up, and waving his favorite colonel in, the general
with a heart the size of Texas, nodded towards a chair, hastily
sliding the note book into his top draw.

Colonel O'Neill was intensely private man and he wouldn't appreciate
being the subject of such conjecture. Grabbing his favorite Scotch,
and slapping down two heavy cut crystal glasses; George waved away
the start of any objections and poured two modest slugs. With a sip
followed by a contented sigh as the warmth slid down his throat, the
General felt his tiredness and melancholy thoughts fade away. He
genuinely liked this cranky, irreverent officer of his, and the late
night chats always made him feel better. Jack O'Neill was one
unusual man, granted, and he often survived by the skin of his
teeth, but laughing at another appalling marine joke, George knew
with Jack O'Neill on his watch, they'd all be okay.

Couldn't ask for more than that.
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