Absolutes by Phoenix E
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Angst, Character Study, Missing Scene/Episode-Related, Pre-Slash
Rated: Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Convinced he has done terrible things to warrant his 'decension', Daniel confesses to Jack he is afraid to remember.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
The Space Channel was playing the ST:NG first season ep - don't remember the title, where Riker gets the power of the Q, briefly,and watching clean-shaven Frakes posturing grandly on the bridge doing his wonderful Capt Kirk playing God impersonation reminded me I still had this story out in zine limbo. (JD Divas, Yadda Press.) Kinda like coming full circle, if you will, seeing as how this episode was the one inspired me to write the tale in the first place. I love Daniel Jackson, love him, love him love him. I think he is the most incredible, original, unique character ever created in sci fi, possibly a whole lot of other genres as well. He breaks through just about every cliche, is completely in a class by himself when it comes to his accomplishments, the growth of the character, what he's endured and triumphed over, what he has become, well, you name it, Daniel is just darned special. Anyway, a couple of years ago I was watching this ST:NG episode and contemplating the central theme, the whole, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely', kinda more than a bit of a hoary old standard, been visited quite a bit, and usually the characters who are tested and given this grand power, like Riker is by the Q - fail miserably. They can't handle it, go nutso and start killing people and blowing shit up, planets, stars, universes, you know, really bad stuff, and that 'failure' is the whole point of the story. The absolute power corrupting...riff. Usual moral of the story, no one mere human can handle godlike powers, or so it has been, all through Sci Fi, from the original first episode of Star Trek (not the pilot) through to comic epics like the Dark Phoenix Saga, to the present day. Like Riker, the power runs them and the whole thing usually isn't pretty, that is, until we get to Daniel Jackson. Did I say I love Daniel? I might have mentioned it in passing. Once again, when it comes to this particular 'test', he proves there is and has never been any one else quite like him, for when he becomes an ascended and gets all this lovely godlike power he does not fall victim to the 'absolute power' curse (yes, I know in AP he does, but it was the Goa'uld in him drove him to it!) Daniel is given unimaginable power and not only does not blow up the universe, he doesn't even use it, following rules he does not believe in he doesn't do ANYTHING with it, until his own conscience intervenes and when he does act, he only uses the power he's been given to help and protect his friends and to do good. (this has further been borne out since this story was written by events in Season 10, which I won't go into for spoiler considerations, but if you haven't seen it yet, trust me, it's great and so is he!) So, to make a long intro short, once I realized this about Daniel, I decided to write a story around this theme, celebrating his uniqueness and recognizing this unique accomplishment in Sci Fi. This be it, and I hope you like it! Lovely illo originally accompanied the story in JD Divas, and is by Biblio.
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