Being Human by Luipaard
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Character Study, Pre-Slash, Team
Rated: Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Good people and bad. Opposites attract, as the saying goes.

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Daniel is a good person.

He will never hurt his friends no matter what; he will always, ALWAYS, do his absolute best, no matter how much it hurt. He will always try to do the right thing though he does not always succeed.

After all, he’s only human.

But Jack is harder to classify.

He has, on occasion, hurt his friends, and he doesn’t always truly try to do his best. He does not always manage to do the right thing, preferring the easiest path.

He is also human.

But he is the one that is darker. He is the one whose hands are drenched with blood. And he is the one that enjoys the killing and the fighting.

Daniel isn’t like that. His hands are spotless compared to Jack’s.

He is as light as the come, and he hates fighting and killing.

But they are both human, polar opposites though they may be. And they make mistakes, as humans will.

Which is why they are sitting next to each other on a log offworld, not looking at each other, not talking, and blushing madly. It is why Daniel’s lips are red and puffy, and why there are marks on his neck. It is why Jack’s hair looks like someone ran their hands through it, and why his shirt is rumpled, and why his belt has been loosened.

Because they are human, and they are allowed to make mistakes.

Jack touches Daniel’s hand.

Hopefully, this isn’t one of them.
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