A Friend More Loyal by moms2398
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Category: Teal'c/Other Female
Genres: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Relationship (het), Team
Rated: Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Teal'C and Sam fall ill offworld. No spoilers. Teal'C and Daniel centered friendship story, with hints of 'ship. Rated for the occassional slip of the tongue...

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Author's Chapter Notes:
A special thanks to my betas: Incendia Mediocris and taylyn10...it's much better now that you've had your ways with it.
After a week in a very happy-go-lucky town, Teal'C had felt the need to get away. Even though he was now on tritonan and no longer had a physical need to kel-nor-reem, he found that keeping up the practice allowed him to recharge when the Tau'ri became a little too boisterous. There was a near-by wooded area to which he retired after informing Lt. Colonel Mitchell, Lt. Colonel Carter and Daniel Jackson. It was on his way back, hours later, that he heard a noise.

He moved cautiously through the dense forest toward the sound, which was coming from near a stream. He did not think he had anything to fear from the local people, but one could never be too sure about local animals. He came around a tree to see a young woman sitting on a log next to the stream with her bare foot in the stream.

She was an adult but young. She wore a summer dress that showed her feminine curves in a complimentary way. Her hair was long and brownish-red and her head was down, looking at her foot with a pained expression. Her legs were bare as was the foot she had in the stream. The other foot was encased in a simple slipper-like shoe of pale fabric.

He made a noise to alert her to his presence.

She jumped and looked up at him with the palest green eyes he'd ever seen. Her eyes went wide when she saw him step out from behind the tree.

"Are you injured?" he asked.

She looked down at her foot. "It's just...silly really...I turned my ankle," her speech was accented slightly, almost like Vala Mal Doran's, similar to the rest of the people on this planet. "It'll be fine in a moment."

He walked over to her and knelt down. "I am Teal'C."

She nodded, seeming a bit frightened by him. "Elora," she touched the base her throat and bowed her head to him in as was her custom.

He looked into the water. "If I may..." he reached into the water and gently drew out her foot. He looked it over, trying not move it too much. Once, she took a deep breath that indicated some pain and he could see the swelling had begun.

"You are, indeed, injured. You should not walk on it."

She shook her head. "I'll be all right. The water's very cold and if I soak it for a little while, it should be fine." She offered a reassuring smile that did not extend to her eyes.

Teal'C inclined his head and allowed her to replace her foot in the water. Then he sat down near her.

After a long moment of silence, she spoke softly. "You don't have to stay with me. Really, I'll be fine."

Teal'C nodded his head. "If that is the case then you are no worse than if I leave. But if I leave and this is not the case, you will be left alone and unable to walk. I will wait."

"You don't have to -" She began to insist.

Teal'C raised an eyebrow as he looked at her. He bowed his head slightly. "I choose to."

She nodded and began to stare at the offending foot.

Teal'C looked at the scenery.

The sun was low in the sky when Elora took her foot out of the water again. The swelling had not gotten worse, but hadn't gone down any either. Teal'C watched as she rubbed it and observed the pain that crossed her face when she rubbed an area near her ankle, even though she barely touched it. He was impressed, though, that she did not make a sound.

He stood. "You cannot walk on your foot, Elora."

"I'll be fine, if you could find me a stick to lean on -"

Without waiting for her to finish, he picked her up and headed toward the village, careful to avoid contacting her injured foot with any kind of vegetation.

At first, she protested, then, when she realized that he wasn't going to put her down until they were in town, she relaxed a bit and found comfort in his help.

"Uh, Sam, Cameron," Daniel Jackson called as he stood by the door of the village elder's home. Cameron Mitchell and Samantha Carter were sitting with Velon, the village's eldest member and the leader of their community, drinking tea in toast to the successful week of trade negotiations. "You might want to look at this."

The two Air Force officers put their drinks down and went to the door.

"Didn't we tell him, no more strays?" Cameron remarked.

Sam grinned slightly as she pushed passed Daniel toward Teal'C. By this time, SG1 was not the only ones to see this 6'4" Jaffa warrior carrying a woman who looked tiny by comparison. Other villagers had come out, including a man, who called. "Elora!"

Teal'C stopped walking when Sam and the man reached him. "She is injured," he said simply. The man gave a great look of distrust to him and Sam, and then motioned for them to follow him.

They entered his house, only a few doors down from Velon's, where Teal'C cautiously placed Elora on a chair. "It is her ankle," he announced and stepped back.

A woman rushed to her side and gingerly took Elora's foot in her hand.

"Elora," the man said, not taking his eyes off Teal'C. "Who is responsible for this?"

"I am, Father. I was on my way home and I lost my footing. It's merely a sprain, Mother, really. I've soaked it already. Master Teal'C carried me all the way from Lungren Stream."

Sam didn't miss the look of gratitude and adoration Elora gave him, but Teal'C merely bowed his head respectfully.

"It is simply not done," Elora's father insisted.

"Would you have had me leave her there to fend for herself?" Teal'C asked in a tone that all of SG1 - hell, all of SGC on Earth - knew. It was one that spoke volumes: I am trying to maintain peace here, but don't try me.

"Which I had, in fact, told him to do," Elora said. "But he wouldn't allow me to walk on it." She smiled at him again, then looked more sternly at her father. "He probably kept me from injuring it further, Father."

"She's right, Galoren," Elora's mother said. "She wouldn't have made it from Lungren Stream here tonight on this ankle. We should be offering the off-worlder our thanks."

"Teal'C, Mother," Elora said, gently. "His name is Teal'C."

Elora's mother stood and approached Teal'C. "Master Teal'C, please accept our gratitude for helping our daughter. And forgive my husband for being over-protective of our only daughter."

Galoren huffed. Teal'C bowed his head, graciously to Elora's mother, then he did the same with Elora. Finally, satisfied that he had helped see her into capable hands, he left their home. Sam stayed for a moment to offered her help, but was assured by Elora and her mother that she would be well taken care of. Seeing she wasn't needed, Sam went after Teal'C.

"Send him off to kel-nor-reem," she arrived at Velon's home to hear Cameron Mitchell say. "And he comes back with a girl in his arms."

Daniel grinned.

"And a pretty one at that." Cameron added.

Daniel hid the wider smile behind his hand and coughed.

Teal'C merely looked at Mitchell. "I had not noticed. Only that she was injured and needed assistance."

Sam couldn't help it. "Come on, Teal'C, you didn't notice she was pretty?"

"Danny, lend him your glasses," Cam motioned. "Teal'C's got something wrong with his eyesight."

Daniel looked at his friend with a twinkle in his eyes. Sam and Cameron walked back into the house, but Daniel stopped Teal'C, momentarily. "Seriously, Teal'C, you didn't notice?"

Teal'C merely raised an eyebrow at Daniel and one corner of his mouth quirked upward.

Daniel nodded. "Right." With a chuckle, he walked back into the cottage, followed by Teal'C.

The next day, Velon hosted a fantastic supper to celebrate the new trade alliance between his people and the Tau'ri. This would be SG1's last night on Aleronan, or P6S-349. They would return to the Stargate Command in the morning.

The meal was held outside in the village marketplace on large communal tables filled to the brim with a wide variety of foods. The members of SG1 were encouraged to sample everything, including some of the local beverages. They'd all had the tea several times, but this was harder stuff - something like a mix between wine and grain alcohol. It had a powerful punch.

Cameron was feeling pretty good when he nudged Daniel. "Say, isn't that Teal'C's girlfriend over there?"

Daniel looked to a table where women who were serving the food moved to and from. Sitting up on the table and handing items to the servers was the young woman that Teal'C had carried into the village the evening before. Her foot was bandaged and resting on a chair. She was laughing and joking with the other women.

Daniel smiled, sloppily. "Yep, uh, yes, I do believe that may be her. She sure is pretty, isn't she, Sam?" he called across Teal'C to where Sam was sitting.

"Whos'at...Who's da..." Sam took a deep breath and frowned. "To whom are you referring?" she enunciated carefully.

Daniel pointed. Teal'C followed Daniel's finger and saw Elora. He looked back at Daniel with an amused look in his eyes. His Tau'ri friends could be so transparent - especially, after one too many drinks.

Sam looked over. "Yup. She shore is---sure is. If you're into girls anyway," she giggled.

Daniel rolled his eyes at Teal'C as Sam collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Teal'C raised an eyebrow. "I can see that you are not going to let this go until I go inquire after her health."

Daniel looked at Cam, who nodded. "You could say that."

Teal'C bowed his head and stood. He then walked toward the table where Elora sat.

"'Course, we didn't tell him we aren't going to let this go after he goes to 'inquire after her health', either," Cam said.

Daniel put his finger to his lips and "ssshhhh"ed him, which led to Sam's second fit of giggles.

Teal'C confidently approached the table where Elora sat. While she was very pretty, she was a stranger and Teal'C felt no need to pursue a relationship with someone so different or from a place so distant. He was going to ask about her foot and wish her a pleasant evening. That is all.

"Elora," he pronounced her name softly.

She smiled at him, her skin changing slightly to an endearing shade of pink. "Master Teal'C, are you enjoying your evening?"

"I am. You are well?" he glanced at her foot.

Her smile widened. "I am, thank you. A sprain. It should be completely mended in a week, if I stay off of it."

He nodded. "You are most fortunate."

She glanced down. She could feel herself warm under the intensity of his gaze. "I am. Who knows how badly it would have been injured by the time I had arrived home, if you had not helped me so kindly."

Teal'C suddenly felt as if the liquor had affected him as it had his friends. His head was beginning to swim. "It was my pleasure to do so," he said, but his voice sounded far away from him.

Elora's green eyes suddenly looked at him with concern, her eyebrows knitted together. "Master Teal'C, are you well?"

He shook his head to clear it, but to no avail. "I think - I -"

Elora cried out as Teal'C crumpled to the ground at her feet.

"Teal'C!" Cameron shot to his feet, followed by Daniel and Sam. His head was instantly clear now that he perceived danger. He rushed over to his friend and arrived as Elora sank to the ground to cradle Teal'C head in her hands. "What happened?" he demanded.

Elora's eyes were wide with fear. She shook her head. "We were talking...He just...I don't know...!"


Cameron turned at the sound of Daniel's shout of concern. He couldn't believe what he saw when he turned around.

Daniel was holding an unconscious Samantha Carter in his arms.

"What the hell?!"
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