Bad Day by Cat
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Category: Sam/Janet
Genres: Established Relationship
Rated: Pre-Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Sam has had a very bad day.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was inspired by a rather bad weekend. There is very, very mild slash content - basically just that Sam and Janet are in a relationship.
Janet was packing up from a rather relaxing weekend of camping when she got the call. The distinctive ring tone told her it was Sam, and not the mountain in the fit of some emergency or another. “Hello?” she answered. She watched as Cassie paused in handing her more gear, shrugged, and loaded it into the car herself.

“When are you coming home?” a voice tinged with both exhaustion and annoyance asked from the other end of the line.

“We’re just packing up now, what’s wrong?” Janet asked.

Originally, Sam had planned on going camping with them. That was before a mission ran slightly longer than planned, and SG-1 had called in to say they would be stuck on P4X-829, the planet Colonel O’Neill had nick-named the land of the pencil-pushers, for at least another couple of hours, if not a couple of more days. Apparently, there was additional paperwork to be put in order before any treaty could be signed. Janet had thought of postponing the camping trip until Sam was available, but Cassie had been so looking forward to it, the site was already booked, and the weather promised to be perfect.

Besides, if an Air Force Major could not handle a single weekend of camping alone with her daughter without her lover coming with, she truly was too pathetic for words and would never live it down.

“Just checking. You’re about an hour or two away, right?”

Janet was picking up on the frantic undertone to the words, and her heart began to beat just a little bit faster. “What happened?” she demanded. If it had been a true emergency, she would have been called from the base and a quick check of the screen on her phone verified Sam was calling from her home line.

“Nothing on the mission,” Sam rushed to assure her. “In fact, we got home after only a day and a half delay.”

“So...” she prompted. She looked over to where Cassie was still diligently packing the car, trying desperately to not look like she was listening in, and grinned.

“So I slept at the base and then went over to your place figuring Hank needed to be let out,” Sam started. Hank was the dog Jack had given Cassie, the name a shortened version of the planet they had found her on so she would always be reminded of home. Originally, Daniel had promised to look after both him and Sam’s cat that had been brought over in preparation of the trip, with Siler as a back up in case he was delayed. Sam had gotten the new kitten after Schroedinger had been given away to Narim. Both animals loved each other and got along very well, probably something to do with the kitten practically being raised in the dog’s pocket. This had prompted Sam, with her warped sense of humor, to name the cat Pavlov.

“Yes, and...” she sighed, wondering what it would take to get the actually story out of her.

Sam must have picked up on her tone as the next part came out in one big rush. “Hank got into Cassie’s art project and threw it up all over the back yard. While I was cleaning that up, Pavlov got into the stash of candy, ate a wrapper, and threw that up. When I went to clean that up, Hank broke the back screen trying to get in to help, scared Pavlov, who escaped out said open screen and took off across the yard. While catching her, I managed to find both that patch of poison ivy that we were meaning to get rid of and apparently a nest of spiders of which one decided I tasted good.”

“Oh, honey,” Janet said, not sure whether to laugh or cry along with her.

Sam, however, was not done yet. “I got both animals in the house to find the lunch I was making got burned and managed to spill hot grease on myself trying to clean that up. That’s also when I discovered the bottom rack of the dishwasher had broke and does not want to move. Normally I could fix this no problem, but it’s much more difficult with a burnt hand. The dog ate part of my lunch and managed to both burn himself and vomit again and the cat is currently hiding somewhere in desperate need of a bath after getting hit with it.”

“Anything else, dear?” Janet asked, trying desperately not to laugh at this point.

There was a sigh on the other end of the line. “Just that the milk went bad and that it’s way too early for anything alcoholic.”

“We’ll be home soon,” Janet promised, pushing her humor away at the sound of the dejected voice of her lover. “Why don’t you try to take a nap until then? We can help you clean everything up when we get there. There’s some left over pizza in the fridge if you’re still hungry.”

“With my luck, the microwave will explode if I try to heat it up,” Sam muttered. A little bit louder, she announced, “I’m going to go pass out. If I don’t answer the door when you get here, it’s because I’m dead.”

“Okay, honey,” Janet chuckled. They said their goodbyes and she closed the phone. Turning to her daughter, she asked, “Ready?”

She watched as Cassie shoved one last item into the back of the car. “Yup,” the girl confirmed with a nod. “Sam had a bad day?” she asked, picking up on the gist of the conversation.

“Yup,” Janet replied, getting into the car. “I’m thinking we need to make a couple of stops on the way home: Starbucks and Ben and Jerry’s, you game?”

“Both coffee and ice cream?” Cassie asked, raising her eyebrow in a way that would have done her Uncle Teal’c proud.

Janet checked to make sure her daughter had her seatbelt on before starting the car and pulling out towards the main road. “It was a really bad day,” she told her with a laugh. She paused for a moment, remembering a certain part of the conversation. “How far were you on your art project?”

“Just started, why?” Cassie asked suspiciously.

“We’ll pick you up some new supplies,” Janet promised.

“Really bad day?” Cassie guessed.

“Really bad day,” Janet confirmed.
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