A Rock and A Hard Place by elfin
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Category: Jack/Daniel
Genres: Challenge
Rated: Adult
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: What the title says!

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Rolling his eyes in the darkness, Daniel turned his head and hissed, "Jack!"


The indigence and innocence in his voice amazed Daniel. "It's cramped enough in here as it is." He shifted against the bolder pinning him in place.

"Hey! I'm sorry, okay?" He really was. Being trapped in a collapsed cavern on an alien planet should have been a crisis situation, not a turn-on.

But he had a rock-hard erection that refused to quit.

Daniel shifted again.

"Will you stop that?! You're not helping!"

"Oh, so it's my fault?!"

Jack's eyes widened. "Of course it's your fault!"

"It's your dick!"

Relieved that his radio was crushed to tiny pieces under a ton of rock rather than relaying their conversation back to the SGC, Jack tried to think of an accurate come-back.

"It's your ass it's rubbing against!"

"So stop rubbing against it!"

"There isn't enough room to... point it anywhere else."

They fell silent for a minute or two. Daniel tried to get comfortable, away from Jack's burgeoning erection, while Jack tried to think of anything but his lover, forced up close to him.

Carter and Teal'c would be back soon, they were bringing help. He and Daniel weren't hurt, they'd been lucky. There was air coming in and he trusted the remained of his team without a doubt to rescue them before too long.

Nothing to panic about. Just his cock's interest in Daniel's behind.

Biting his bottom lip, knowing he was going to get an earful for what he was about to do, Jack flexed his fingers and slid them into the back of Daniel's pants.

Daniel startled, practically jumped forward and hit his forehead against the rock in front of him. "Jack!"


"What the hell are you doing?"

He had to think about that. "Making space for my dick?"

Jack took Daniel's momentary loss for words as a sign of consent and eased the camouflage pants down over the man's ass.

Immediately, Daniel's hands came around, and Jack caught them, linking their fingers. He leaned in and touched his lips lingeringly to his lover's warm neck.

"Jack...." There was a different quality to his name that time, and it brought a smile to his face. Carefully, balancing himself, Jack thrust forward, pushing his demanding dick along the crease of Daniel's firm ass.

"You're beautiful," he murmured hotly, heart starting to pound.

"And you... are... insatiable." Daniel pushed back, dropping his head against Jack's shoulder, shifting - this time - with the sole purpose of deepening the contact between them. "Do it," he whispered.

The order snapped at least a part of Jack's mind to sanity.


"Please, Jack."

A fumbling around to the front of Daniel's pants told him that his lover was as aroused as he was.

"I shouldn't...."

"I know."

Pulling one hand free, he sucked two fingers into his mouth and wetted them as much as he could.

The next thing Daniel knew, Jack's was touching his anus, rimming him with wet, teasing fingertips.

Daniel moaned, breathing deeply, relaxing himself.

Curling one finger, Jack brushed deliberately over the sweet spot inside his lover while he kept the other one moving, circling, opening.

Daniel cried out, hoping Sam and Teal'c weren't too close by.

It had taken Jack months to get used to Daniel not being the shy, wilting flower-type that he'd initialled assumed he would be when it came to sex. Instead, Daniel was anything but vanilla. He loved danger.

They'd done it several times on Daniel's desk with the office door wedged closed. And once in the showers on the base while SG5 had been in the changing rooms.

And now they were about to do it in an alien cavern.

Carefully, Jack took his fingers from Daniel's ass and positioned the thick head of his cock, ready to breach his lover.

"Jack!" Daniel pushed back first, causing his own penetration.

Jack's vision went blank for a moment. "Jeez, Daniel! Some warning?!"

Daniel laughed, delighted, driving himself back further.

Jack put both hands on Daniel's hips and took some control of the situation. It was difficult to thrust in the position, easier to let Daniel set the pace. But at least he could make sure he hit that spot each time....

Daniel yelled Jack's name as he came hard. Jack caught the first shots of creamy liquid, rubbing it over Daniel's cock, sliding his hand up and down until there was nothing more to give.

The climax triggered Jack's, and he bit hard on the back of Daniel's neck, sending more shivers through his lover.

They collapsed forward, Daniel against the unrelenting rock, Jack against Daniel's sweaty back.

"God... Danny.... Love you...."


They had enough time for Jack to ease himself from Daniel's body and make them both look decent again.

And then the rescue crew arrived.

Jack could only hope that Doc Fraiser didn't insist on a medical before they'd managed to shower.
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