Closer by Shaure
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Category: Jack/Sam
Genres: Romance
Rated: Teen
Warnings: None
Series: None
Summary: Four friends celebrate New Year's Eve.

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Author's Chapter Notes:
pure fluff
The room is crowded, thick smoke floats above the throng of dances. At one of the tables a group of four friends sit, the two women, their heads close share a secret story. On the other side of the table two men sit, the younger watching the dancers, enjoying the music. The older sits and watches. Watches and studies. The focus of his attention the tall blonde who is now laughing at a private joke, her eyes lit up with excitement. Suddenly the DJ changes the record, the dancers as one, move together and sway with the soft music.

I see you, walking everyday
with smile beneath a frown
but I want to look away
what does it mean, what's there to see
If I look closer...........

Her ear is caught by the music, she looks up, and their eyes meet. Time loses all meaning; they cannot look away. By silent assent they rise, walk onto the dance floor. He draws her to him, their bodies touching, swaying to the music.

Where are you going? And what are you thinking of?
Your eyes show nothing more, than a dazed oblivion,
What does it mean? What will I see?
When I look closer...............

They look into each other's eyes, a silent communication that has no need for words. His arms move up her back pulling her closer. She smiles, her blue eyes shining, alive, breathless with anticipation. Suddenly his mouth begins to move as he silently sings:

You don't see me, watching everyday, my smile could warm your frown,
And I'd never look away never look away...........

Moving her hand to cup the back of his head, she too begins to sing:

There's more to me, Than what you see,
when you look closer...............


"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" the crowd shouts, but they don't seem to hear; still the music plays on.

There's more to me, than what you see,
when you look closer...........

Pulling her closer he captures her lips with his own, passion flares as seconds turn into minutes. Finally breaking apart, his forehead resting on hers he whispers:

"Happy New Year, Sam"
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