Reviews For 7.21 The Lost City, Part 1
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Reviewer: Nyx Ro Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 24 Jan 2007 06:16 pm Title: Chapter 1

As always, LOL! But I noticed you took a lot more liberties than usual with the script, plus you attributed one of Jack's lines to Hammond. (And I can't say how scary it is that I know that without having to watch the episode on DVD again). Was your usual transcript site down again? *grin* And in all fairness to the writers, Jacob DID say in 'Evolution, pt 2' that killing the Goa'uld queen wouldn't stop Anubis from making more SuperSoldiers, just inconvenience him. C'mon, there's enough REAL beefs against TPTB! ;-)

Author's Response: It's been so long since I wrote this one, but I think this came from the usual transcript source. But I started writing these midway through season seven, so those in the last half of the season are in a different "style" than the rest, because I didn't have a style in mind at the time. They were less script-like with the audience participating, with more of the characters saying some of the parody lines. I do it more MSTie style now, with the character lines remaining mostly untouched, with just the audience and the various groups responding. I do know the first one or two I did weren't from a transcript at all either, I did them straight from the episode, because I saw it before a transcript was in the works. I didn't intend to do an entire series, just mock the hell out of Evolution 2 after I was rather let down by how it went.

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