Reviews For A Christmas Green Cake
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Reviewer: Evelyn Duncan Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 25 Sep 2008 10:26 am Title: A Christmas Green Cake

This is another great one! Figures it's Hammond who realizes the truth. Wonder what Sam's going to say when she does so.

Reviewer: puddlejumper Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 22 Jul 2007 06:38 pm Title: A Christmas Green Cake

I thought this was just perfect, loved how they didn't just jump into bed, and how blase' they are about it in the end was funny. I know this is way past due but I just read it today.

Author's Response: Hey, it's never too late to loc let alone to read! I'm forever grateful, so THANK YOU!

Reviewer: Ann Blessing Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 05 Aug 2006 01:59 pm Title: A Christmas Green Cake

Selmac playing Santa Claus because Tessa and Kayla would recognize Granpa under that ladies' cheek stuff and beard! Jacob will never hear the end of playing a mythological figure! And we didn't get to *see* Jack receive Tealc's gift of a month's worth of condoms!

Reviewer: CrazyViolin Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 24 Jul 2006 12:47 pm Title: A Christmas Green Cake

Oh, that was so sweet! I loved how it was Jack moving into Daniel's apartment instead of Daniel moving into Jack's house. That was a very cool difference. I also loved how you had Jack feeling squeamish because Daniel's eyes were covered. That seemed very insightful to me. I kept thinking "Eyes are the windows to the soul," when I read that part. Lovely story!


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